There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the US. Currently, although several states are loosening their shelter in place policies, many officials are still encouraging people to stay at home. If you find boredom is starting to set in, it is a good time to tackle a few home improvement projects. After all, when are you going to have all this time again?

You may already have a list of projects you’ve been contemplating. You may want to start with one of those or consider one of these 10 home improvement projects.

1. Freshen up your walls.

When was the last time your walls were painted? If you must sit and think about the answer, this might need to be first on your list. A new coat of paint will give your walls a fresh look that you are sure to love. If you’re not certain about painting every wall, why not start with a single, accent wall and go from there? Take your time choosing your colors and be sure to pick one that enhances your overall space.

2. Give your front door a facelift.

If your door has seen better days, you may want to consider replacing your home’s focal point entirely. However, even if your door still works well, you may simply want to consider changing its appearance. A new door with a bold color, such as red, teal or yellow, will change the look of your entire house. If changing the entire door is more than you want to tackle, consider updating the hardware for a subtle difference.

3. Update your kitchen and bathroom hardware.

While we’re on the topic of hardware, consider purchasing new drawer pulls and knobs for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Swapping them doesn’t take any special tools or talent just a bit of time. The time spent is well worth it. You’ll be amazed how it can change the whole look of the room.

4. Spruce up your cabinets.

For an even bigger change in your kitchen and bathrooms, give the entire cabinet a makeover. After taking the doors off, sand them and repair any gouges, dents, or holes. Then prime and apply a new paint color. You will want to pick a moisture resistant finish that is easy to clean such as a semi-gloss or satin paint. If you’re not sure about changing the color entirely, consider something more subtle, such as a new stain.

5. Organize your garage.

For many of us, it’s probably been awhile since we cleaned out our garage. Start by getting rid of any items you haven’t used in the past 12-18 months. If you have the time you might be able to make some money selling them on Craigslist or Facebook. If they are in good shape but you don’t have time to sell them, donate the items to Goodwill. Make sure you get a receipt for tax time next year.
Once the items you don’t need are gone, organize what’s left into groups. Invest in strong, sturdy shelving units to keep things off the ground, along with a few clear boxes that can be labeled for your smaller items. And, if you have lots of tools and gardening equipment, consider adding a PEG board or magnetic strip to hang them.

6. Organize your closets.

After you’ve reorganized your garage, you might as well head indoors and get started on the closets. Again, start by getting rid of anything you no longer need or use to cut down on some of the clutter. Then, consider installing a closet system that ensures you take advantage of all your space and makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.

7. Take a pressure washer to your home’s exterior.

From grime and dirt to bird droppings and mildew, your home’s exterior is exposed to lots of things. Pressure washing can get rid of it all, including dirt that’s been baked-in by the sun and years old stains. If you are not familiar with how to safely operate a pressure washer, you may want to hire someone to do this for you. Don’t worry…you can still take the credit!

In addition, to making your house look newer, pressure washing may expose needed repairs that was hidden by layers of dirt. For example, you might notice that your siding has cracked or started to peel. Window facings may also be weathered. If you see signs of aging, plan to replace your siding and windows as soon as possible.

8. Tackle your patio.

If you are pressure washing your home, take the time to also wash your deck or porch. You can go a step further by sanding and painting it. If you want to improve your patio while minimizing the labor involved, trade out your outdated furniture for something bright and new, add freestanding planters or benches. If you are feeling ambitious build a pergola or that firepit you’ve been dreaming of.

9. Boost your curb appeal by giving your lawn a new look.

It’s spring, the perfect time to work on your yard. Don’t stop after mowing the grass, getting rid of any weeds and trimming your trees and shrubs. Go ahead plant new flowers, replace that old mailbox or add lights to illuminate your walkway and showcase your home’s unique architecture. Remember, you don’t have to do all these things. Just one or two will add to your home’s exterior appeal.

10. Smarten up your home.

Take the time to learn about the latest in-home technology and add the products that your home will benefit from. Possibilities range from practical, such as camera-enabled doorbells, programmable thermostats that can learn your routine and reduce your energy bills, and app-controlled smoke detectors, to things that make life easier, including a wireless lighting control system or smart speakers that double as digital assistants.

Fortunately, most home improvement stores are open, so you should be able to get everything you need to complete your projects. Most stores are even offering curbside pickup or free home delivery. This way you can complete projects while staying safe and healthy.

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