Thanks to the long days and warm weather, summer is the perfect time to take care of any home improvement projects and maintenance you may have been putting off. So, where should you start? Here are 5 summer home improvement projects to give you some ideas.

1.Replace your old windows.

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is by replacing your old windows, especially if they are leaking, cracked or made of old, energy inefficient materials. For the best results, opt for double pane glass that substantially decreases heat transfer and high-performance low-E coating that reflects the sun’s heat. As an added bonus, new windows will also help keep your home warm during the cold winter months, thus decreasing your energy bill year round.

2. Replace your exterior siding.

Whether your siding has seen better days or you simply want to give your exterior a facelift, replacing it is an ideal summertime project. Make sure the new siding is insulated. Not only will this make your home more aesthetically appealing, but it will also improve its energy efficiency and potentially increase its overall value [1].

3. Add on a sunroom.

Hot summer days can be brutal. A cool air-conditioned sunroom gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of the outdoors and stay comfortable. In the evenings, when the temperature drops, open the windows to let the summer breeze in while the bugs stay out. At the same time, they’ll give you extra living space and serve as the perfect hangout during summer barbeques.

4. Give your entrance a new look.

Swap out your boring front door with one that can serve as the focal point of your home. Steel and fiberglass doors with decorative glass can give your home an entirely new look. A fresh color scheme can also make your home look new again. A new door will improve the energy efficiency and safety of your home.

5. Replace your roof.

The summer heat and thunderstorms can cause your shingles to deteriorate. Take the opportunity and upgrade to stone coated metal shingle. It will be the last roof you’ll ever buy. A stone coated shingle is fire and hurricane rated making it the best protection for your home. Additionally, when installed on a batten system it will actually help to cool your home.

Don’t blink or summer will be gone before you know it. Start today on one or more of these projects. Make not just summer but all the seasons more enjoyable. Vinyl Design can help you find the products and contractor to make your summer home improvement dreams come true.

[1] http://www.businessinsider.com/top-5-best-home-improvements-for-the-money-2012-2