7 Ways to Generate Leads


Today, general contractors who are interested in generating leads have plenty of options available. From creating an easy to navigate website that is regularly updated to taking advantage of social media, here are the top 7 ways general contractors can generate leads.

1. Evaluate your website.

The days of general contractors not having a website are gone. If you do not already have a website, it’s time to set one up. If you do, take a good look at it. Be sure that customers can easily find their way around the site and that your contact information/ contact forms are readily apparent. (A potential customer isn’t going to stay long if they can’t figure out how to reach you.)

Other website tips to keep in mind:
• Opt for warm colors that are easy to read and use them consistently.
• Make certain that what type of services you offer is easily seen.
• Proofread and spell check again and again.
• Be sure your contact form is easy to complete quick and easy. Just ask for a name and phone number. You can find out everything else when you call them back.
• Use real pictures of your work instead of stock photos. If you’re not the best photographer, you may want to consider hiring one.

2. Use SEO tools to direct traffic to your site.

SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for improving your ratings when a search is performed and as a result, increasing the amount of traffic your website receives. SEO involves using the keywords that people are searching. On the other hand, you shouldn’t partake in keyword stuffing because search engines aren’t a fan of this. If you aren’t familiar or comfortable with SEO, hire someone to help you. You’ll see an increase in traffic, thanks to their efforts.

3. Create a blog.

Blogs are an excellent way to show potential customers the depth of your knowledge and help them build trust in your skills. For example, you may include posts that highlight the latest building trends, energy efficiency, or various types of hardwood. There are two crucial things to remember. You should focus your content on something related to your niche, and you should add new material regularly. If you’re not so sure about writing, you can also do a video blog or someone to write your posts for you.

4. Don’t forget about direct mail.

Although we are living in a technologically savvy world, you shouldn’t expect the internet to provide all your leads. Keep in mind that 74% of people always or sometimes notice advertisements in direct mail [1]. For example, send out oversized postcards in your target area. Be sure that you include a call to action that features your phone number and directs people to your website.

5. Take advantage of happy customers.

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation [2]? Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave an online review, whether it’s on your company’s website or a primary site, such as Yelp! Or Angie’s List. Before making a decision on a general contractor, potential customers will do their homework, and that includes searching the internet for reviews. Be sure you have outstanding reviews for them to read.

6. Socialize with others.

If there are construction trade shows in your area, make every effort to attend them. Local trade shows is a great and easy way to promote your business and attract prospective customers. Be sure your booth stands out. Use eye-catching materials, amazing photos, and give out something that has your company contact information on it. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as a pen or magnet, but this helps ensure customers will remember you long afterward. Trade shows are also ideal for networking with other contractors. Yes, they are your competition, but building a relationship may make them more likely to pass on jobs to you when their schedule is full or when a job is outside their type of work they usually do.

7. Have a social media presence.

81% of Americans currently use social media, so it’s pretty obvious there is a lot of power in social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest [3]. After your company page is set up, invite your friends to “follow,” “like,” or “friend” you. Engage frequently and use your pages to share information, funny stories, link to new blog posts and even showcase work you have finished up.

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