Finding a way to impress people right when they enter the home is a distinct possibility now thanks to all the modern advances in home technology and decor. People don’t have to dream about making their visitors feel right at home; they simply can get down to doing. The following is a list of ways to make the home entry way have a statement to it that says “come on in”:

1. Buy a New HomeGuard Entry Door

As a person walks up to the entrance, the feeling can be a little nerve racking. Going to a new home especially for the first time can be daunting. However, a beautiful HomeGuard entry door can make all the difference. People get distracted by the artistry, and they forget the jitters. Some discerning eyes even make the entry door into a conversation piece when greeted by the home owner.

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2. Roll out the Welcome Mat

A welcome mat does not need to say welcome to be useful. However, many home owners opt for kitschy sayings on their mats that are just before the entrance of the home. There are two ideas for laying out these mats. A person can put them right before the entry, so a person has time to wipe snow off of the feet before ringing the doorbell. Or, the mat can be just when one enters, so that the elements can be wiped off right before a person takes off one’s shoes.

3. Tile Style

Most people like to have tiles at the entry way. They are easy to clean and distinguish that area from the rest of the home. If there is a place, consider renovating to designate this spot the official welcome zone. People can quickly take off shoes on the tile floor and not worry about dirtying a hard to clean wood floor that is easily damaged. If a person cannot renovate, then consider adding a large area rug to this space.

4. Mirrors on the Walls

Everyone likes to take a glance at how they look after they get out of the elements. Mirrors are also an elegant feature that can look very decorative. So take some time to place a few mirrors on the walls right close by the entrance. Make sure that they are flattering to a person as well, as there is nothing worse than a fun house mirror to the entry of a home.

5. Flower Power

There is a lot to be said about a place that has living flowers. Some people like to grow them in the garden, others like potted, and still others prefer freshly picked flowers in a vase. Whatever the personal style is, flowers have the power to add ambiance to a room, as well as oxygen. These beauties are worth the investment when the goal is to have an impressive entry way.

6. Hygiene and Upkeep

When staying any length of time in an area, people will do a quick area scan. They will notice layers of dust or clutter on the stairs. Try to make these zones presentable, and hide the mess in areas that guests are just not allowed. Also, it goes without saying that the walkway up to the home should not be a safety hazard full of holes and unevenly laid path.

Giving a home entrance way a beautiful feel will go a long way in increasing a person’s pride in the living surroundings. These simple tips provide maximum comfort for guests and those living in the home.