Introducing The Elegant Walk-In Tub

Elegant Walk-in Tub Benefits


Stay in your home longer! Bathing can be one of the major factors when deciding whether an individual can stay in their own home or have to live with care. Keep your independence by installing vinyl design corp’s  Elegant walk-in tub.


From polished metal grab bars to a low entrance threshold, this tub was build with safety and comfort in mind.


With the Elegant tub’s 14 air bubble jets, time spend washing up turns into a theraputic spa by reducing stress and increasing blood circulation.


Our Elegant Walk-In tub cut’s no corners with automated controls at your finger tips to control everything from the inline heaters to a build in radio.

Walk in tub with warranty

Physical Benefits of Elegant Hydrotherapy

Full Soak (Up to the chest)

  •  Balance emotions & soothe the nerves
  •  Eliminate insomnia
  •  Erase muscle strain
  •  Reduce hemorrhoids
  •  Reduce arthritis pain
  •  Increase circulation
  •  Promote elimination of impurities
  •  Helpful to bladder & urinary problems
  •  Helps mild colds
  •  Lowers fevers
  •  Helps maintain metabolic function

Half Bath (Up to the hips)

  •  Beneficial for ailments affecting abdomen
  •  Inflammations
  •  Pelvic Congestion
  •  Cramps
  •  Menstrual Problems
  •  Kidney & Intestinal pains

Hot & Cold Footbaths (Up to the calves)

  •  15 minutes to relieve cold feet
  •  Helps the bladder
  •  Helps the kidneys
  •  Reduces throat and ear inflammations
  •  Helps tired feet
  •  Promotes circulation in the legs
  •  Helps varicose veins, headaches, insomnia
  •  Helps reduce blood pressure

Elegant Features

Elegant Walk-in Tub come fully loaded with these great standard features.

  • Full Ten Year Warranty
  • Watertight Door System Lifetime Guarantee
  • Durable Fiberglass with Gelcoat Finish
  • Slip-resistant Floor & Seat
  • Full Function Fingertip LED Control Panel
  • 14-Jet Air Bubble System for a Complete, Gentle Massage
  • 6-Jet Premium Adjustable Delux Back Massage System
  • Variable Speed Air Controls
  • 1,500 Watt In-Line Heater for Consistantly Warm Water
  • Quiet 400 Watt Air Blower
  • Quited 900 Watt Whirlpool Pump
  • Build-in FM Radio with Speaker
  • Decorative Bright Chrome Faucets * Shower Extension
  • 12 Volt Ozonizer for Water Sterilization
  • Underwater 6-Color LED Chromatherapy Light System

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