Whether you are already a big fan of technology gadgets or not, you are sure to be impressed by the increasing array of cool tech available for your home. Below, you’ll find some of the newest devices on the market that can do everything from keep your home safe to help make dinner stress-free and delicious.

Smart Door Lock

Available from multiple manufacturers, a smart door lock is ideal if you (or your kids) are constantly forgetting your keys because it allows you to open your door without a physical key. Some models have a numeric keypad for entering a unique code to open the door, while others connect to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to send it a command to lock or unlock the door from your smartphone. Now, you can finally get rid of that extra key you’ve kept in a flowerpot for years.

Smart Home Security System

For the ultimate in security, you’ll want to consider a smart home security system. Using your home’s Wi-Fi and a smartphone app, these systems let you do everything from remotely control your lights and door locks, to change your thermostat, turn on your sprinkler system, and feed your pets. Most include surveillance cameras that can be placed inside and outside your home, as well as floodlights and audible alarms. Best of all, you can see everything that is going on through an app. There is a huge selection of smart home security systems to choose from, so you may want to look at the best smart home security systems for 2019 to narrow down your options.


SONTE Film is the first of its kind. This Wi-Fi enabled digital shade allows you to effortlessly switch your windows from clear to opaque in less than a second. The self-adhesive film can be cut to fit any window or glass partition and is surprisingly easy to apply. Then, simply use the app to adjust how much light travels through your window. It gives you the chance to have complete privacy on demand.

Drop Kitchen Scale

Today, life is often hectic. If you struggle with dinner every night, the Drop Kitchen Scale may be exactly what you are looking for. Equipped with hundreds of step-by-step interactive recipes, many of which can be made in a single bowl for easy cleanup, Drop makes it easy to find something for dinner and make it perfectly. Recipe Rescaling and Ingredient Substitutions makes it easy to adjust the recipe to your exact liking. There are hundreds of recipes you can choose from.

Knocki Remote Control Smart Device

This gadget allows you to turn anything in your home into a smart surface. With Knocki you can assign various knocking and tapping patterns to different actions you need to do. For example, three knocks to turn on the TV or two taps to send a text message to someone. If you love spending time in your backyard, but can never hear anyone stop by, you’ll appreciate how it alerts you to visitors. If someone comes to the door, they can knock on Knocki and a notification will be sent to your phone.

Now, it’s time to decide which of these amazing gadgets you are going to purchase for your home.