guide to vinyl windows

Guide to Vinyl Windows for the Homeowner

If your windows are starting to look tired or require too much maintenance, you’ve probably begun the search for replacements. This is your chance to upgrade to an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly option that can greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Vinyl windows offer high thermal efficiency and low maintenance in many different styles and choices. Before you’re overwhelmed by all of the options, let’s look at everything you need to know about this amazing new window technology to help you decide if vinyl windows are right for you.

The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

There are many advantages to vinyl windows, but foremost among them is their incredible energy efficiency. A Vinyl Design Mountain View Window offers a U-factor (a measurement of insulation efficiency) of 0.29. This greatly exceeds the requirements for Energy Star Qualification and is 40 percent more efficient than most other window products.

With Vinyl Design, window panes of glass are used to sandwich insulating layers of dehydrated air or argon gas, which are much more efficient than glass at preventing heat transfer. This work, combined with vinyl frames sealed with insulating foam to prevent heat and moisture from transferring through the frames, makes for a modern, incredibly efficient window system for your home.

These systems also offer low maintenance. These easy-to-care-for frames do not require painting or staining like traditional wooden frames. They never need refinishing, and they will last for many years with far greater durability than traditional glass windows.

Different Styles of Vinyl Windows

Every variety of Vinyl Design Window offers many benefits, including resistance against extreme weather, increased security against theft with integrated composite reinforced locks, sound reduction, and an airtight seal against drafts. Let’s take a look at some of the specific styles you can choose from.

ClearView Windows

These are high-quality, entry-level vinyl window systems for those on a budget. These do not have all the frills of higher-level vinyl systems, but they do offer all of the essential benefits, including an airtight interlocking seal system, no maintenance requirement, and high energy efficiency. These are available in multiple color options and can recoup most of their value if it comes time to sell your home.

MountainView Windows

These are premium quality vinyl windows available in more than 75 colors. They possess trademark Super Spacer technology that protects against extreme weather. The layers of insulated glass envelop sealed pockets of argon gas and block out harmful UV rays as well as sound and heat.

Garden Windows

MountainView Garden Windows are DP50-rated against strong winds, offering a rigid PVC frame to provide an excellent setting for an inside garden or other decorations. With screened side vents and a multi-point locking system, these provide security and protection from heat and cold.

Vinyl Window Construction

Every pane of Vinyl Design’s insulated glass starts with two panes of glass that sandwich a sealed space. Then the perimeter is sealed to prevent the air from inside from mixing with the surrounding air.

The space between the panes can then be filled with either special gases, such as argon, or simply dehumidified air to provide different properties and levels of insulation.

Final Thoughts

For either replacement windows or new construction, vinyl windows can’t be beat. These panes offer a beautiful, maintenance-free option to upgrade your home. They offer energy efficiency that is hard to beat with many options for color and design, making them an excellent choice for any home.