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Why Choose Metal Roofing?

As a leading metal roofing supplier, we’ve seen that the metal roofing shingle business is thriving and experiencing immense growth. It’s popularity is due to the shingle’s superior durability combined with its architectural style and aesthetic appeal.

Many homeowners are choosing to re-roof with our interlocking stone coated steel roof tiles. Unlike other roofing systems that prematurely fail, our metal shingle will not deteriorate as a result of seasonal changes.

Stone coated steel roofs are the economical roof of choice for homeowners. For years, consumers have been limited to a selection of asphalt shingles which deliver aesthetics but are often short lived. As a metal roofing supplier, we offer homeowners a choice that includes:

  • Investment Grade Roofing – life-long performance
  • Upscale Styles to Enhance Your Home’s Apperance
  • Non-Porus – Freeze & Thaw Resistant (for cold climates)
  • Won’t Crack, Break, Burn, Curl, Split, Rot or Grow Mold
  • Extensive Hail Damage Protection
  • Superior Wind Damage Protection
  • Aids in Energy Savings
  • Time-Testing Performance
  • Superior Warranty

Other Great Benefits of Metal Shingles:

Saving your money

Though the initial cost of installing a Boral Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than some other available roofing materials, consider that the average homeowner replaces and repairs their roof more than 3 times in a lifetime. By choosing a Boral Steel Roof the first time, you will not only save a lot of money in future repair / replacement costs, reduced insurance premiums in most states, and likely reduction in utility bills, but you will also enjoy a higher property resale value – much higher, as your roof replacement cost is usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale. Saving money however is only one of the many benefits you will enjoy from a Boral stone coated steel metal roof!

Light weight

Our stone coated steel metal roofing weighs only 1.5 pounds per square foot making it one of the safest roofs in seismic regions and a great alternative to the heavy clay and concrete tile options which weigh as much as 15 pounds per square foot! The difference between using our stone coated steel metal roofing over concrete or clay roofing products results in almost 10 times less weight pushing down on your homes structure!

A Dry Under-deck Roofing System

When installed as designed, our stone coated steel metal roof tiles are a dry under-deck roofing system – unlike shingles, or conventional cement and porcelain tile, which all rely on a moisture barrier underlayment to be placed under the tile. This moisture barrier underlayment is usually tar paper, which over time, will dry , crack and be breached by moisture, forcing you to change your roof covering.

Most Durable

Our stone coated steel metal roofing is designed and built to withstand the harshest of elements for a minimum of 50 years – guaranteed. We don’t spare expenses and we don’t cut corners. Allmet stone coated steel metal roofing is made from 3/16 galvalume coated steel – the most durable roofing material available. Combine this with our highly durable baked on petroleum base coat, reflective & decorative stone coatings, and best UV rated acrylic finishes, and you have a material that will never rot, crack, warp or break – at least not in ones lifetime. This classic look of a our stone coated steel metal roof will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful.

Energy efficient no matter the color

Stone coated steel tiles offer more diversity when it comes to installation of metal roofing systems. With Boral’s metal roof tiles, customers have the option of Direct to Deck, Batten installation ,or counter batten installation. Using the Counter Batten installation method, you will create 3″ of highly ventilated air space between the roof tile and deck, which is highly efficient in both hot and cold climates.

Best protection against Snow and Ice

If you live in a area that is prone to snow and ice, there is no better roof than a Boral stone coated steel metal roof. Each year, homeowners across America spend millions of dollars  repairing damage caused by ‘Ice Damming’.  With a Boral Stone Coated Steel Roof, Ice Damming is virtually eliminated because of the air layer between the metal roof panels and the roof deck.  This highly insulating characteristic causes the snow on your roof to melt much faster than on conventional roofs, greatly reducing the possibility of water freezing at the edges of your roof.

120 mph Wind Warranty

Our stone coated steel metal roof tiles use both interlocking technology coupled with our solid, tried and tested fastening schedule to deliver the best results in the roofing industry, time after time. Though we guarantee a wind resistance rating of 120 MPH, when tested, our stone coated steel metal roof tiles withstood winds up to 200 MPH. Our interlocking panels and batten-mounting system offers minimal movement and extraordinary resistance to wind uplift. The tiles have been tested and unlike asphalt and concrete, stone-coated metal roofs cannot be stripped off. Just read about our customers real life wind experiences.

2.5” Hail Stone Warranty

Not all metal roofing tiles are the same. Our 3/16 inch steel roof tiles are made from the highest quality steel available, thanks to our parent supply company, Boral. Our steel roofing tiles are also some of the thickest and most durable metal roofing systems available, and guaranteed to stand up to 2.5 inch hail which is a Class 4 Impact Rating ! Just read about our customers real life hail experiences , or watch the slideshow of photos showing Boral roofs versus Other roofs Hail Damage caused during a 1997 Dallas hail storm.

Class “A” Fire Rating

Our stone coated steel metal roofing systems are non-combustible, and offer the best fire protection rating in the industry, and the best protection for your home against outside fires. Our interlocking overlapping tile technology provides no access for windblown embers to penetrate under your roof and ignite wood under-framing. Couple our fire-proof metal roofing tiles with the insulating characteristics of a batten installation system, and there is no better metal roofing system you can install to protect your home more!


Class-4 Hail Impact Resistance
Hurricane Wind Performance Rated
Lightweight, perfect for Re-roofing
Transferable 50-Year Limited Warranty
Class A Fire Rated

Pine Crest Shake Available Color Options

Granite Ridge Shingle Available Color Options

Cottage Shingle Available Color Options

Environmental Responsibility

Boral Steel profile is manufactured using the planets most recycled material…steel! With a Boral roof over head your home can rest easy, being protected by a heart of steel covered with attractive stone granules that are Fire, Wind and Hail-Impact resistant for years to come.

Features For Environmental Responsibility

• Metal panels are composed of 30% recycled steel
• You can reclaim all of the water from your roof
• We use 100% recyclable materials
• Under 2% of our manufacturing waste goes to landfills
• Our roofing system achieves higher energy efficiencies than any other type
• Meets LEED certification

What Our Customers Are Saying

Florida will test any roofing material about as severely as it can be tested. Typical shingle roofs don’t even last their warranty period here. More and more, the fact that a metal roof system will pretty much last a lifetime justifies the cost. Because of the lightweight material and the maintenance-free aspect of the roofing, stone coated steel is the clear choice to me.
Jim Mitchell

Growing tired of replacing shingles after each storm and fearing the loss of their house entirely, the Setters family made a decision that resulted in their home’s ability to not only stand up against Sunday’s storm, but to come out looking like new. They bought a stone-coated steel roof. After learning about the special interlocking panels on a Stone-Coated Steel roofing system, Doug Setters mind was made up to re-roof for the last time. “I didn’t want to have to replace the roof every year … now I’ve got peace of mind and a great-looking roof.”
Doug Setters

It was an incredible noise, like the world was coming to an end. I huddled with my dogs while the hailstorm tore through Plano. The whole house was pounded by hail the size of quarters. Outside, trees and flowers were destroyed, but we didn’t worry about the house at all. We had a Stone Coated Steel Roof. It kept me and the dogs safe—and the hail didn’t leave so much as a mark on it.
Joan Tormey

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