MountainSide Reinforced Siding

MountainSide Reinforced Siding

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While vinyl siding offers many options to make a home more beautiful, MountainSide provides additional value and options that were never possible with traditional vinyl:

• Provides additional support to the siding panel
• Eliminates waving, sagging, shifting and warping associated with traditional vinyl siding
• Adds r-value, improving the thermal performance of the wall

Improved Appearance

MountainSide’s foam backer provides additional support to the siding panel, giving your home the look and feel of real wood. MountainSide Siding eliminates sagging, shifting and warping that is sometimes associated with traditional vinyl siding.


Imperfections in the wall can show through unsupported siding, giving a wavy appearance


The MountainSide foam core levels the wall under the siding, reducing wavy wall lines

Greater durability and impact resistance

Give your home an appealing appearance that can stand up to the elements with MountainSide Siding. Traditional vinyl siding creates a hollow void between the wall and the siding, leaving it susceptible to damage. MountainSide Siding features a foam core that eliminates the hollow void behind the siding, acting like a shock absorber to reduce cracking, denting and breakage.

Available Colors

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MountainSide Reinforced Siding