Explore the Tando Siding product portfolio.

Introducing Tando Siding, TandoStone and TandoShake, Vinyl Design Corp two ground-breaking product lines created to complement today’s range of popular exterior materials.

:: Tando Siding- TandoStone

In the beginning, there was tando siding stone – beautiful, but bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to work with. Then came stone veneer – also good looking and while easier to work with than boulders, still bulky, heavy, expensive and limited in terms of its workability. Then came TandoStone: Aluminum-alloy hidden supports to reinforce the main frame.

Key Features

  • Lighter and more workable than stone and stone veneer.
  • Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel that is “as real as it gets.”
  • Provides pro-installers with a platform to deliver creative and visually arresting exteriors using conventional tools.
  • Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability that enhances longevity and brilliance.
  • Quick and easy one-person installation.
  • Eco-friendly; consumes less fuel for shipping while accruing less installation waste.

:: TandoShake

In the beginning, there was wood – it was beautiful, but it needed to be maintained to slow (but never completely stop) the effects of Mother Nature. Then came vinyl, fiber cement and finally TandoShake:

Key Features

Easier to install and more workable than other options.

  • TandoShake puts the power of choice and creativity back into the hands of the professional installer.
    • Architectural style
    • Texture
    • Wood stain
  • Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel so real, you’ll want to touch it.
  • Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability.

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